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Daniel C. Matt is a leading authority on Jewish mysticism. He received his Ph.D. from Brandeis University, and for over twenty years served as Professor of Jewish Spirituality at the Graduate Theological Union in Berkeley, California. He has also taught at Stanford University and the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

Dr. Matt has published six books, including: the best-selling The Essential Kabbalah (translated into six languages); Zohar: The Book of Enlightenment; Zohar: Annotated and Explained; and God and the Big Bang: Discovering Harmony between Science and Spirituality.

He has received fellowships and awards from various academic sources, including the American Council of Learned Societies, the Institute for Advanced Studies at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, the John M. Templeton Foundation, the Lady Davis Fellowship Trust, the National Foundation for Jewish Culture, and the Memorial Foundation for Jewish Culture.

From 1998-2002 Dr. Matt lived in Jerusalem, where he worked on the first phase of an immense project: a 12-volume, annotated English translation of the Zohar, the masterpiece of Kabbalah. This is the first translation ever based on a critical Aramaic text of the Zohar, established by Dr. Matt from numerous original Zohar manuscripts. The first two volumes of The Zohar: Pritzker Edition are being published this year by Stanford University Press.

Daniel currently lives in Berkeley, California with his wife, Hana, who teaches world religions, and their son, Gavriel. They occasionally get to see their daughter, Michaella, an undergraduate at Brown University. Aside from Kabbalah and cosmology, Daniel also enjoys bicycling with his family and swimming.

"...I am pleased to recommend the art work of Lisa Rose

I am especially familiar with her "Zohar Series", which is based on the masterpiece of Jewish mysticism, Sefer ha-Zohar ("The Book of Radiance"), a poetic, mystical commentary on the Bible, composed in 13th century Spain. I know the Zohar well. For twenty years I served as Professor of Jewish Mysticism at the Graduate Theological Union in Berkeley, California. Currently I am producing the first annotated English translation of the Zohar, a project funded by the Pritzker family of Chicago.

Ms. Rose's drawings and paintings succeed brilliantly in conveying the intense spiritual energy of the Zohar. She translates the passion and fervor of the mystic quest into bold imagery and vibrant color. Contemplating her work, one senses the aura of mystery, the yearning to transcend, the interplay between light and darkness.

Often mystics are uncomfortable with the material world. Yet one of the unique qualities of the Zohar is its insistence that spirituality embraces the material dimension, that the physical world is not to be denigrated. Lisa Rose manages to capture this holistic quality of the Zohar. In her work you perceive the cosmic dance of the earthy and the spiritual, the sensual and the sublime.

Gazing at her art is both an aesthetic and a spiritual experience. I recommend her work highly and unreservedly..."

Daniel C. Matt



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